This coming school year, Redeemer classical students will study birds and insects in science class and matching nature walks for Zoology 1. We’re planning an even better nature walking year after having a blast last year with dozens of new friends. We’re planning to include an introduction to birding, talks from local scientists who study native birds and insects, show and tell from local wildlife artists, bird house building, and even to hatch a batch of chicks!

This will be a year of nature walks your family won’t want to miss! We’ll release the specifics as soon as they’re nailed down with our various guests in the following weeks.

We will release a list of picture books from Allen County Public Library that families of preschoolers can read at home to further explore this year’s theme. Homeschool families may also follow along at home by purchasing and using the curriculum themselves, then joining us for nature walks to reinforce and expand what they’re learning.

There will be a few incidental fees (such as to cover lumber for bird houses) and park entrance fees for non-Redeemer students whose families aren’t Allen County Parks or Botanical Conservatory members, just like this past year. Those will again be posted ahead of time so you know what you’re getting into. We are also looking into discounts for bulk memberships, and will make that available if it’s possible.

We will do a few of the curriculum’s coordinated science experiments during nature walk time. Redeemer students will do the majority of the coordinating science experiments in class, plus additional reading and narrating of topical living books. Science is a student favorite at Redeemer. Creation fascinates children immensely. It is absolutely worth the time and effort to delight in the world God has made. Join us again for another year of wonder!

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