Ultimately we plan to build a school in the southwest quadrant of the Fort Wayne area, on beautiful property that allows children and their families to wonder at and study nature scientifically, artistically, and experientially. This is key not only to our educational philosophy for all human beings, but also to our long-term plan of establishing a membership-driven, family-oriented play and exploration center for young children in lieu of a traditional, institutional preschool. Our goal is to connect and support families, not segment them into artificial age units.

We also wish to provide children and their families an environment appropriate for humans. God indicated what that environment is by placing Adam and Eve in a garden; and out of their great love for God humans of all ages have built him glorious structures that put to shame the typical modern Soviet-style cinderblock or pole-barn American school structure. We wish to love God and his children in word and deed, which includes building a place of beauty, awe, worship, and joy.

This vision requires a lot of money. So, in the interim, we are searching for a suitable place. One reason American schools are so ugly is that there are so many (often outdated) regulations on school structures, which in turn makes such facilities very hard to find and very expensive to rent or purchase when found. Our current backup plan for at least the 2017-18 school year is to upgrade the attached school building at Redeemer Lutheran Church at 202 Rudisill Blvd., Fort Wayne; but that plan may change as we find and fund something more suitable. We expect to remain in a temporary initial location for approximately three years as we search, fundraise, and build.