We are accepting applications for 2017-18.

We review applications on a first-come, first-served basis, and will open in fall 2017 for students ages 5 through 10 with a waiting list for students ages 11 and 12. If the waiting list for older students is full enough by August, we will hire teachers to accommodate them in fall 2017. More details about that here. To express your interest so we can hire teachers on time and demonstrate interest to our donors, every interested family should fill out this no-obligation enrollment interest form and send in as indicated on the form.

The interest form is an expression of interest; the application is an expression of commitment. Once we receive your application and the nonrefundable $100 application fee, we will call you within one week to schedule an interview. All prospective students and their parents are required to attend this interview. At it, families are welcome to ask the headmaster any questions they have and relay any key thoughts about their child’s needs. The headmaster will also discuss Redeemer’s distinct atmosphere, expectations, and culture so both parties can be sure of a mutual fit. We will adminster a short (15- to 30-minute) placement test in math and reading to help place your child optimally, and give families our Parent Handbook. It contains information about where to purchase uniforms, classroom supply lists, the academic calendar, discipline policies, etc.

Shortly after this meeting, we will notify you of your child’s acceptance or rejection. If accepted, the $100 application fee will be applied to the school year’s tuition, and parents required to sign consent forms, file immunization and birth records, and acknowledge our school’s faith commitments and related policies. We will then eagerly await our school year together.

You may complete the application online here, or complete and print this document (DOCX) and mail to: Redeemer Classical School, P.O. Box 11958 Fort Wayne IN, 46862.


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