Our school library of 2,500 classic books is open to all with a $6 monthly membership, or a $60 annual membership.

Click a Link to Purchase Now: Monthly Membership or Annual Membership.

Our “living books” collection is 100 percent high-quality literature. You never need to worry about what your children will see on our shelves. Every book is worthy of time and attention, as a family or individually. The child-level books merit adult reading as well. To browse our catalog online, click here.

The library is available when school is in session, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday. In orientation, members are taught how to let themselves in and to check out their own books. Members may check out books, and make appointments to have the library opened at non-school hours. Anyone may browse or read in the library for free any time it’s open.

Your membership helps our library grow and stay in good condition. We also find, update, and maintain worthy books that have gone out of print. This helps elevate the reading material available to local families and keeps good books from disappearing.

Buy Now: Monthly Membership or Annual Membership.

You may also donate books for the library from our Amazon gift list. Just take a look, put a few in your Amazon cart, check out, and the books will soon make their way onto our shelves for Redeemer students and the community to enjoy.