To support not just our school but also homeschooling families and individuals of all ages who wish to develop their minds, we aim to open our school library to the public for a nominal yearly membership fee. (Families of Redeemer students will need to pay no more atop tuition for this access.) Since Allen County public libraries have a rich and broad selection already, our library will not duplicate their good work but supplement it by careful searches into and selections of high-quality books that are not as prominently curated or available in our local public libraries.

We will also keep copies of books that Allen County libraries have but are so integral to support our curriculum that we need our own copies available to the Redeemer Classical community. Lastly, we will endeavor to find, update, and maintain older books that have gone out of print but are worthy of preservation. This will help elevate the reading material available to local families and keep good books from disappearing.

As part of this effort, we welcome you to help us purchase books from our Amazon gift list. Just take a look, put a few in your Amazon cart, check out, and the books will be shipped our way and soon make their way onto our shelves for Redeemer students and community to enjoy. Once our library has enough good books to offer Fort Wayne families, we’ll open the library.