Nicole Busarow

Music Teacher

Nicole Busarow is a child of God, daughter, sister, wife, and mother of three. Mrs. Busarow holds a masters of sacred Music degree from the University of Notre Dame and a bachelor of music degree in church music – organ from Valparaiso University. She has taught and played music for more than a decade in churches and schools in Michigan and Indiana. She also teaches private lessons and for the Fort Wayne Children’s Choir.

Nathan Klumpp


Nathan Klumpp grew up in Michigan in a homeschooling family, and received his bachelor’s degree in history from Hillsdale College in 2004. He later returned to Hillsdale to study classical education, then worked as a kindergarten teacher’s aide, next as a second grade teacher for three years at a classical charter school in Texas, then at a classical school in Michigan.

Mr. Klumpp has high expectations for his students in both academics and behavior because he takes them seriously as children who need clear, firm direction, and as people made in the image of God. He believes that most children are capable of more than many adults expect, and that most subjects can be accessible and interesting if approached as things of beauty and wonder, reinforced by patient practice. He also believes that if children learn to love learning, their grades usually will take care of themselves.

Mr. Klumpp is a hobbyist blacksmith, tinsmith, and coppersmith. He’s studying several languages right now in addition to the usual Latin. He also enjoys historical fencing, home brewing, and singing very loudly. His favorite books include, but are not limited to, “Gawaine and the Green Knight,” “Pearl, “The Discarded Image,” “The Faerie Queen,” “Albion’s Seed,” “The Jungle Book,” and “Smith of Wooton Major.”

David Petersen

Pastor, Theology Instructor

Rev. David H. Petersen became pastor of Redeemer Lutheran Church in 2000. He leads matins each school day and provides students’ theology instruction. He earned a B.S. in history from Central Michigan University; and a master of divinity degree, master of sacred theology degree, and and a doctor of ministry from Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne.

He and his wife Jacqui have three grown children and four grandchildren. He is a regular guest on Issues, Etc, a contributing editor to Gottesdienst: The Journal of Lutheran Liturgy, where he writes both for the print journal and the blog, and a frequent blogger at the Lutheran Witness.

Nathaniel Pullmann

Headmaster, Teacher

Nathaniel Pullmann

Nathaniel Pullmann is a husband and the father of six children. He and his wife are both graduates of the finest liberal arts college in the country, Hillsdale College. He has spent more than a decade developing classical, Christian education options in Fort Wayne. In 2012, he founded the first Classical Conversations group in the area, starting a movement that has grown into half a dozen classical homeschool communities in the area, educating hundreds of students.

In 2014, he enrolled in graduate studies at Hillsdale College, earning a master’s degree in 2016. While there, he apprenticed with Kenneth Calvert at Hillsdale Academy and learned the fine points of running a classical school. He was awarded a fellowship with the college’s Winston Churchill Project, which is archiving the personal papers of one of the greatest statesmen ever. He graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa — the nation’s most prestigious honor society — and earned high marks on his graduate thesis on Americans’ natural rights.

In 2017, he founded and opened Redeemer Classical School, the first classical Christian school in the Fort Wayne area. He is the headmaster of the school and a teacher there. Under his leadership, the school has grown every year since opening, quadrupling the number of students and faculty. He has also consulted with several other schools that are in the process of making their education more classical and with several groups that are trying to start new classical, Christian schools.

Meghan Schultz

Art Teacher

Meghan Schultz is a wife, homeschooling mother of four children, and artist. She has always loved fine art but went to school for graphic design and worked in advertising as a graphic designer.

Since leaving the workforce to be home with her children, she has been working as a freelance designer and has completed many commissioned paintings and custom hand-lettered pieces. In recent years, she has enjoyed creating theologically based artwork for her church and her Etsy shop. Mrs. Schultz is the designer of Redeemer Classical’s school crest.