Here are some helpful discussions and lectures we’ve seen that treat various aspects of classical education. We’ve tried to select approachable talks geared to a general audience.

Walk the Halls In a Classical School

Terrence O. Moore is principal of the Atlanta Classical Academy. A former Marine with a PhD from the University of Edinburgh, he served as the founding principal of a top K-12 classical school in Colorado and advises Hillsdale’s Charter School Initiative, providing assistance with the formation of classical charter schools across the country. Moore is the author of The Perfect Game and The Story-Killers: A Common Sense Case Against the Common Core.

How Progressive Education Came to Dominate the United States

Martin Cothran is the editor of Memoria Press’s Classical Teacher magazine, and the author of Memoria Press’s Traditional Logic, Material Logic, and Classical Rhetoric programs, as well as Lingua Biblica: Old Testament Stories in Latin. He is the Latin, logic, and rhetoric Instructor at Highlands Latin School in Louisville, Kentucky.

Why Teacher Certification Degrades the Quality of Instruction

Jon Fennell is dean of the social sciences and director of the Teacher Education Program at Hillsdale College.

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