Our classic games summer camp will run from June 3-7 this year. This is a half-day camp from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. each day at Redeemer Classical School.

This classic games and handcrafts camp for ages 4-12 aims to nourish the arts of self-organization, negotiation, and relationship development through play; develop a repertoire of hobbies, games, and skills to replace less-worthy pursuits (such as screens); and strengthen relationships between Redeemer-minded families.

Activities include: Preparing healthy snacks each day, including age-appropriate instruction on how to use small knives safely; sewing; introduction to woodworking; flower pressing; dough making and molding; stamping; and building a rubber-band car.

Games introduced and practiced include: Kick the can, marbles, sardines, jacks, jump rope, Four Square, Ace King Queen, Boxball, Blind Man’s Buff, multiple card and pencil-and-paper games, and an outdoor games Olympics on Friday. Children will go home with a set of marbles, a pack of cards, a tennis ball, a drawstring bag they made themselves to carry their game gear in, better friendships, and a brain full of ideas for lifetime fun.

The cost is $70 for the first child registered in a family, and $60 for each subsequent child registered. We need a few parent volunteers to help run the play camp. Parents who make the volunteer list will be refunded $45 for their first registered child (which means they will only pay the $25 materials cost for that child).

Families will need to provide their campers a sack lunch each day, a full water bottle, sunscreen, and an old shirt that can get stained, for campers to put atop their clothes during messy handcrafts. Peanut-free snacks will be provided.

To register, complete the form below, then pay for registration by clicking here, selecting “Summer Camp Registration” from the pull-down menu, and entering your total, then submitting through PayPal.

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