This summer we’re putting a lot of work into one of our big projects: building a natural playground atop a patch of bare grass for the children of Redeemer Classical and its host church, Redeemer Lutheran. Last summer, we and lots of hardworking friends put up many feet of fence around the play yard. This summer and next, we will fill it.

With what? Watch the video below. You can learn more about the growing international interest in natural and free-play areas by reading this influential 2014 article in The Atlantic about overprotected kids.

We need your help to make this playground happen. You can do three things:

  1. Sign up here to volunteer for our playground build day, July 28.
  2. Give at our GoFundMe page to help buy playground supplies.
  3. Share our GoFundMe on your Facebook timeline and encourage your friends to give.

By building our playground by hand, we can save lots of money and customize it to be something truly unique. Giving even just $8 will buy a nice strong 2X4 board to build a bench. Giving $13 will fund a sturdy post for our music wall. So you can have a significant tangible effect even by giving the equivalent of two Starbucks drinks or a lunch out.

The same is true if you bring yourself to our build day. Many hands make light work! It will be a day of joyful giving.

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