The Macke family blesses the Redeemer community with their kindness, warmth, and love of order and beauty. In an expression of those qualities, Anna Macke put up with several hours of technical difficulties to help us record then re-record her family’s story of choosing Redeemer Classical for their son.

Things didn’t work as well as she and her husband had hoped when their son entered his kindergarten year at another school. Their son started saying he couldn’t read or draw, two of his favorite activities. With just a few weeks of school, his parents saw unexpected mood and personality changes that worried them. But little Owen’s story has a happy conclusion. Watch to hear it!


Anna’s college training is in art and teaching, and she taught in Fort Wayne’s best-regarded public school district after graduation. As you hear in this video, her son also loves to draw, with his own special twists in style and interests. He is a voracious learner with an infectious laugh and the brightest eyes you’ve ever seen.

To check out Redeemer Classical for yourself, come to one of our open houses to see what we do in our classrooms that has children loving to learn. We host one per month during the school day, so don’t wait, because the school year is two-thirds over already! Or just get in touch to have our headmaster come talk to your playgroup, neighbors, preschool, church, or any other collection of interested parents at your convenience.

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