This Friday Redeemer Classical students, their families, and friends enjoyed a music demonstration by the Bach Collegium. Ensemble members introduced and demonstrated their instruments, answered questions, then performed a selection of Bach pieces. Several of these instruments were period Baroque instruments children wouldn’t encounter at a typical orchestra or other classical concert. The kids (and parents!) enjoyed their visit immensely.

This violist demonstrates a special instrument called a viola d’amore, which has 12 strings, six of which she can’t reach but are tuned to match the other six that she plays, thus providing additional resonance, especially in a small room like the chapel where we listened.

Here are the children looking at two different versions of period wooden flutes. Just look at those faces.

Here a bassoonist demonstrates a contrabassoon, an enormous instrument at 9 feed long, doubled up on itself! This was a student favorite. It sounds like an elephant.

Below, a violinist (concertmistress Janelle Davis, our hostess) and bass player wait to show off their instruments.

Here we are in the sanctuary listening to Bach.

Oboist Sung Lee chats with the students before the music begins.

Here the musicians rehearse in a small group. You can’t see it well here, but there’s a harpsichord in the back!

You can sample the collegium’s upcoming show music here. It’s a perfect fit for Lent. And go see them in concert Sunday! Tickets here.

For further listening, check out this performance of a Domenico Scarlatti viola d’amore piece. Do you hear the echoing vibrations from the extra six strings?

And here is a Japanese orchestra playing Bach’s “Saint John Passion.”

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