One of my favorite education bloggers (also an author and education professer), Katharine Beals, recently put up this update of homeschool life with her daughter. Here’s an excerpt:

Classically speaking, she’s just finished Genesis, encountering a few lewd concepts in the process, and is starting Exodus as I write this. She’s also just finished D’Aulare’s Book of Greek Myths and starts Nathaniel Hawthorne’s retellings in A Wonder Book next week.

She’s also just moved on from The Diary of Anne Frank to The Witch of Blackbird Pond and from Tom Sawyer to Huck Finn. …

Aside from the creative writing she does on her own, her prose mostly involves daily reading summaries. But now that she’s learned how to type, we’ve factored in repeated revisions. She types out a draft, I boldface stuff that’s awkward or unclear; she goes back and revises. With the ease of revision afforded by word processing (and perhaps also inspired by her earlier work with Sentence Craft), she’s also revising a lot of her sentences before I even see them, producing some quite complex but elegant ones in the process.

In math, she’s still working her way through Wentworth’s New School Algebra, most recently simplifying complex and compound fractional expressions.

Katharine is a wonderful blogger. I encourage you to read the rest of her post to see what classical education can look like, and subscribe to her blog if you like to see it contrasted with current education fads.

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