At this very moment, we’re working to arrange a free summer parent practicum in Fort Wayne for 2014!

What’s a parent practicum?

practicum (‘prak-ti-k’m) The word practicum indicates that education should be practical. It points to the acquisition and mastery of knowledge in a manner that is useful and effective. It derives from the Latin practicus, a noun which means “one who practices or takes action.”


Practicums are one-day and three-day conferences to help parents brush up on their knowledge and re-energize for the coming school year with like-minded folks. We provide camps to keep the kids busy while parents learn. This summer’s theme is “The Art of Rhetoric.”

Get in touch if you are interested in joining us, and we’ll make sure you hear about how to sign up. The practicums are free, but registration is required. We’ll have more details later about time, location, and place (all in the works!).

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