Seminarians face a serious problem.

Full-time pastoral studies crowd out seminarians’ ability to support their families, including paying for a high-quality, Lutheran education for their children. The average cost of a Lutheran education in Fort Wayne is almost $6,000.

This is out of reach for almost all seminarians, but you can help them.

As the son of a Lutheran pastor, I know how hard it can be for church workers to provide the best for their children. The next generation of pastors should not have to choose between preparing to serve future parishioners and nurturing their kids’ minds and souls

Redeemer Classical School is setting up a scholarship fund for seminarians so that they can get the best Lutheran education for their children instead of having to settle for whatever is cheapest.

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Keep reading to learn why Redeemer offers a better choice.

At Redeemer, these children are immersed in the Word of God from the beginning of the day to the end. With a daily Matins service, theology taught by Pr. David Petersen, and Bible, hymn, and Catechism memorization, we feed the souls of these students.

We don’t neglect their minds and bodies either. The highest quality academics strengthens their minds and they are given plenty of time and space to strengthen their bodies.

We also teach them to recognize the beauty of God’s creation with intentional instruction in the fine arts and study of creation. They daily learn to love and serve their neighbors through high behavioral standards and discipline. We offer a whole-hearted Lutheran education from top to bottom that befits both children of future pastors and all children of our Lord and King.

Seminarians recognize the immense value that such an education would be for their children and want to enroll them, but just can’t make ends meet. You can help us to make this education available to the families of the men we are preparing for service in God’s church. Alastair needs $4000 to cover all his expenses for the coming year and every dollar counts. Donate today to help his parents give him a seriously Lutheran education.

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