Due to Thanksgiving, today school is out and so is nature walk. Last Friday, however, and thanks to all those who brought their daddies and power drills, we completed a rather big project for young children: Building wood bird feeders. You can see some of the activity in the pictures below.

Those of you who made a bird feeder, we recommend that you paint or stain it before you stick it outside. It will last much longer that way.

We’ve been taking care of an array of birds and bugs this year at Redeemer, since those are the focus of this year’s science classes in zoology. Nature walkers went home with a pet cricket the Friday before last. Earlier this year, we also caught and made farms for ants — see those here! That was another glorious nature walk day.

Mr. Pullmann explains how to build the bird feeders.

A friendly neighborhood daddy helps put together the bird feeders.

This was quite a loud nature walk, but also very fun and active! Many children wanted to help hold the drills and pull the trigger.

We bought two dozen crickets from a bait shop and handed them out, one per home. It wasn’t intended as a joke on mom and dad, but, well, some folks did feel that way! You can see how active the room is during cricket day!

The crickets got pieces of potato to eat. See if you can find the cricket in this picture. There are a variety of potential bedding materials inside the home — students were tasked with hypothesizing then observing over days which bedding they thought their cricket would like best.

This is an earlier nature walk, during a visit to a local orchard. We actually did find honey bees on an Octobery day!

Yes, the orchard walk was as picturesque as it looks. It always is! That’s why we do it every year.

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