Calling all adults seeking to rejuvenate their minds and souls, this time with a delve into Shakespeare’s Hamlet and The Tempest, every other Monday night starting January 7, for nine sessions. This is an opportunity for adult discussion, friendship, and learning, paired with wine selected by Wine Down.

We will read brief sections of these plays before each biweekly viewing of a lecture streamed from Hillsdale College’s online Shakespeare course. The 40-minute lectures by Hillsdale faculty will preface group discussion.

If you are scared of Shakespeare, don’t be — you can read a child’s version we’ll recommend first and get up to speed quickly. Shakespeare is pure joy and profundity for all people of all ages and all places, and you really can read him profitably no matter your background. We’ll make sure of it!

The Shakespeare wine nights will be held in the undercroft at Redeemer Lutheran Church and school. The class is free, but the wine is sold per pour. We’ll release the price point (comparable to what you’d pay at Wine Down) and pairings once those are available, closer to January.

To help us do that, we need you to register here and indicate whether you’d like the wine option, so Wine Down’s sommelier can finalize his picks.

UPDATE: Thanks to input from a friend of the school who spent more than a decade teaching honors English and has seen Shakespeare plays across the world including in London’s Globe Theater, we will extend the class by two weeks so we can watch some of the best-loved versions of these two plays together. So now the class includes two movie nights, for a total of nine classes. The calendar has been updated accordingly.

This friend plans to attend the classes and has agreed to share his wealth of Shakespeare knowledge with everyone — details for that forthcoming. This class just keeps getting better!

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