As blog readers know, this summer we’re installing the first phase of our natural playground. Last week we hit our 2018 fundraising goal to buy the materials for it. A huge thank-you to all our givers who helped make it possible! The giving GoFundMe page is open through next summer to fund the stunning additions planned for phase two — including a living willow play house, a fancy water table, and a pergola over the outdoor classroom — so if you haven’t helped out yet there is still plenty of time.

This summer’s big build day is set for July 28 (volunteer here), which is really soon! Here are some pictures and a video of the play area, which has really plush and beautiful grass thanks to a Redeemer member, but not much else currently. We’ll also post build and then “after” pictures once that’s possible so all our friends can see the transformation.

Here is the view from the far corner of the play yard, facing where the church and school building meet.

This shows the view towards the street. While we built the fence last summer, neighbors came by to offer water and to thank us for prettying up the neighborhood.

These logs have been destined for the natural playground since last year. Kind parishioners have put up with what looks like a pile of garbage in the yard. Of course the children love the logs and often find bugs and other interesting things in this corner.

Here is the view out from the corner of the church and school, towards the only two current trees (more and a butterfly garden are planned for future playground expansions). The maple is a new transplant, another gift from a generous school supporter. It looks small, but maples grow fast!

And here is the view from the southeast corner of the play yard. As you can see, it’s a pretty big yard. The kids can and do get up good games of dodgeball and soccer.

Soon and very soon, this area will be full of new exploratory play materials. Pictures and video to come!

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