Art is important to human culture and to enlarging and refining the souls of both young and old. This is why art is not an elective to us, but part of our core curriculum. We believe in training students to recognize and carefully practice specific art skills and knowledge as a crucial foundation for their own creativity and artistic development, not merely handing children art supplies with little instruction or focusing on craft projects. Every person can learn to draw, paint, and sculpt. It just takes practice and mentoring. Our art class is open to homeschool families as well, and is open for enrollment at the beginning of each semester.

Recently the art students sketched outside with watercolor pencils, both to develop their artistic techniques and sense of perspective. Plus we always like to get outside. Notice how absorbed the children are in creating their work.

Following, just for fun, are some pictures of our Form A and B classroom (approximately first and second grade). The standing desks and farm tables are handcrafted by our school headmaster.

2 thoughts on “What Our Art Class And Classroom Look Like

  1. Once again, thank you for sharing the photos and providing an update on your facilities and curriculum. My prayers are with you and your students always. (And, by the way: I congratulate the headmaster on those standing desks and farm tables. They’re beautifully made … for a wonderful purpose!)

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