“Like it or not, our children are growing up in this culture. They are moving into the future away from us, just as we moved into the future away from our parents. Our children cannot live in our time. They live in their own time, but the more tied to the past they are in their mind, the safer they will be; the more wisdom they will have. You can have grammar, logic, and rhetoric without wisdom — but why would you want to?

“We have a limited time to help our children fill the backpack they will carry into the future. The chemical elements are useful, but they have little meaning to a child of ten. To teach a child to memorize what does not have meaning is, in my opinion, insane. We are trying to teach them that learning matters. Knowledge is meaningful. We do this by connecting them to what is meaningful to them. In the early years, we want to feed their minds with stories of all kinds — through history, Bible, poems, songs, imaginative fiction, family traditions. We want to tell them these stories and let them tell them back to us. A wise person once said, ‘Raise up a child in the way he should go and in the end, he will not depart from it.’ That is remembering.”

From Cindy Rollins’ Mere Motherhood, p. 127. Rollins is a mother who homeschooled her nine children and now teaches privately and speaks nationally. Find more of her at CiRCEinstitute.org.

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