In thinking about education for others and oneself, I have found a few resources helpful to refresh my mind on the goal, or the idea of education. And education should not be confined to classrooms—it ought begin earlier and continue forever. One must consider what humans are to know more about why we are; and this is a lifelong discovery and conversation. Here’s my little, accumulating list.

  • The Lost Tools of Learning,” by Dorothy Sayers. Everyone in the classical liberal arts world refers to this as a start point because it fills that need so well.
  • The Weight of Glory,” by C.S. Lewis. A lesser-known and tangential approach to the topic.
  • The Romance of Domesticity,” by Dr. Nathan Schlueter. Discusses the twin and polar evils of Romanticism (or too much imagination and daydreaming) and Scientism (or an overemphasis on “logic” and “fact”).

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