The Redeemer Classical School library opens Sept. 28, thanks to years of work and donations from many volunteers. You may browse, join storytime, or read in the library for free any time it’s open. You may check out books and support the growth of our library with a $6 monthly membership, or a $60 annual membership.

Click a Link to Purchase Now: Monthly Membership or Annual Membership.

Our “living books” collection is 100 percent high-quality literature. You never need to worry about what your children will see on our shelves. Every book is worthy of time and attention, as a family or individually. The child-level books merit adult reading as well.

It would take a very dedicated person several years to read what we currently have! To browse our catalog, click here.

Our weekly hours from Sept. 28 to Dec. 21 are:
Mondays, 2-4 p.m.
Tuesdays, 9-11 a.m. with a 10 a.m. story time.
Wednesdays, 10 a.m. to noon with a 10:30 and 11:30 story time.
Fridays, 9-11 a.m.
The library will be closed Nov. 25-27 for Thanksgiving.

Your membership helps our library grow and stay in good condition. It also connects you to likeminded families and offers opportunities to grow in community.

We also find, update, and maintain worthy books that have gone out of print. This helps elevate the reading material available to local families and keeps good books from disappearing.

Buy Now: Monthly Membership or Annual Membership.

You may also donate books for the library from our Amazon gift list. Just take a look, put a few in your Amazon cart, check out, and the books will soon make their way onto our shelves for Redeemer students and the community to enjoy.

We are already outgrowing our bookshelves, so if you have or know of ones to donate, please get in touch! You can ask any library volunteer when you visit or email


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You can tell Mrs. S is a pro—she’s transforming the school library for fall opening. 2,000 excellent books and counting!

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