This spring’s applications for fall entrance to Redeemer Classical are our highest yet, especially for the early classes, Forms A and B, for children approximately ages 5-8. If you are thinking about applying for a child in this ability range for fall 2020, you’ll want to get that application in soon. Apply here.

Once we do start a waitlist, when it reaches 10 students we will hire another teacher and open another class. The first student application deadline is April 1, and after that our waitlist will take applicants until we can open another class.

If you have a child age 7-10 who is a good fit for Form 1 or 2, we currently have room for your fall application. But based on typical application rates, we recommend you also apply for such students promptly to avoid a waitlist for fall.

We do have openings for older students but since our standards are high unless the student is unusually well prepared it may take the child some time to catch up to his or her peers. To discuss that, contact our headmaster.

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