Last year Redeemer parents and friends met every Monday morning at Lindenwood Nature Preserve over the summer for regular nature play outings. The play host will be gone more often this summer, so instead will be leading these playdates more spontaneously this year. If you’d like to know when we’re walking a day or two ahead of time (or the morning of occasionally!), sign up for our nature walk group texting service, free of charge.

Here’s how: text @redeemercl to 81010. If that doesn’t work on your phone, text @redeemercl to (347) 983-9822. You can also find the free Remind app on your phone’s app store and look up Redeemer Classical School through that.

If you are already on this text list, you will receive these reminders with no need to do anything differently. Generally we’ll get together at 9 a.m. on Tuesdays, at Lindenwood, Fox Island, and Foster Park. Look for a few splashpad and Fox Island swimming outings on hot days.

If your family decides to head out to a nature outing and you want to invite nature walkers, text back to the last message you’ve gotten from Redeemer Nature Study details about when and where, with at least three hours of advance notice, and we’ll forward your invite to everyone.

As always, bring bug spray, baby carriers, and drinking water! Many folks also bring snacks. See you in the woods this summer!

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