In the last week of February, an accreditation team from the Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education visited our school. We’re excited to report the reviewers will recommend us to their board for accreditation approval. Our application and recommendation will be formally voted on at the CCLE board’s March meeting. We’ll report the details once they’re available.

The accreditation team sat in on classes, evaluated teaching, and interviewed students, parents, teachers, and our supervising pastors. They reviewed our curricula, classroom design, teacher qualifications, and documents such as our information packets for families, family and teacher handbooks, constitution, and budgets. We are so pleased their review of these materials came out positive, and resulted in an outline of ways we can grow the school in service to others.

CCLE has a reciprocal agreement with the National Lutheran School Accreditation agency such that if we are approved by CCLE we are also NLSA accredited. This peer review process not only helps our school improve and stay faithful to our mission as a distinctly classical, Lutheran school, it also helps us be eligible to participate in a state school choice tax-credit-scholarship program.

A big thank you to Rev. Stephen Kieser and Dr. Jackie Veith, who took the time to visit and review Redeemer in person; to our families and teachers, for their hard work on behalf of Redeemer students; and to Headmaster Nathaniel Pullmann, who took point on the accreditation process on behalf of the school.

If our application is fully approved by the CCLE board in March, Redeemer Classical School will be the only school in Indiana to have earned this accreditation.

2 thoughts on “We’ve Been Recommended For Accreditation

  1. Congratulations! On the evidence, this is well earned. May God continue to bless you and the fine, much needed work you do.

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