We need a snazzy name for our biweekly grown-up gathering to watch and discuss Hillsdale College’s online Shakespeare course while drinking pairings selected by Wine Down starting in January. Anyone got any ideas? Put them in the comments below or on Facebook.

Also, the original post about the event series has been updated to reflect new developments. Here it is again:

Thanks to input from a friend of the school who spent more than a decade teaching honors English and has seen Shakespeare plays across the world including in London’s Globe Theater, we will extend the class by two weeks so we can watch some of the best-loved versions of these two plays together. So now the class includes two movie nights, for a total of nine classes. The calendar has been updated accordingly.

This friend plans to attend the classes and has agreed to share his wealth of Shakespeare knowledge with everyone — details for that forthcoming. This class just keeps getting better!

You can register for the class here. Doing so as soon as you can will help Wine Down with their picks. The gathering (but not the wine) is free and open to everyone. Here’s a clip from a famous “Hamlet” rendition to whet your appetite.

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