For the last two weeks, our nature walkers have spent time with worms. On the first week, the kids went worm hunting, digging away with great merriment. Here they are beforehand, listening to Mr. Pullmann explain the project and tell about how worms live.

Here the kids have dug up their worms and are inspecting some to draw in their nature journals.

The worms lived in several kids’ homes for the next week, eating leaves and staying moist with periodic water sprinkles. The next week, we took those worms and built them homes in layers of sand, dirt, and leaves arranged to show us the worm tunnels developing over the course of the next days and weeks.

Here is a worm jar. You can see a few worms in this picture if you look closely.

Worms eat sand to help them digest organic matter like leaves and roots. So by making layers of sand and dirt, over time we will see worm tunnels of sand through the dirt as worms use that sand to help them digest. Below, Mr. Pullmann and a first form student look at and discuss her worm jar.

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