We are now offering a $100 tuition rebate for student referrals. Details: $100 will be deducted from the referring family’s 2018-19 tuition for each student they refer whose family applies for 2018-19 enrollment. There is no limit to this rebate, up to a full tuition discount. Both currently enrolled Redeemer families and those not currently enrolled who apply for the 2018-19 school year are eligible for this offer.

To facilitate this rebate, the new 2018-19 application form includes a space for applying families to list their referring friends. They may list up to two referring families, who will each receive the $100 rebate. We will use the honor system to assume fair use of this offer.

A suggestion: The easiest way to refer friends may be to bring them to one of our open houses, nature walks, or other public events, or to schedule a personal information meeting for interested friends at your home or an accessible location such as a coffee shop or library. Our new application form is now available online. Here’s a listing of our current spring open houses and other informational events to which you can bring interested friends.

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