I’m just going to say the truth: our school hallway was atrociously ugly. Take a look at it before our volunteers got their hands all over it.

But then we installed brand-new lights and teams got painting. Herewith, the after picture. Ta-da!

We’ve done more work since these pictures were taken, finishing off the paint job. You can see some of that effect in the picture below.

Here’s how we did it. First, here’s Nathaniel Pullmann filling in a few wall holes pre-painting. Oh, that yellow paint is just too ugly!

Then a legion of women and children showed up. Here’s mom Meghan and daughter Audrey tapping away with natural sponges. You go, girls!

Here’s school board member Cindy Arp adding her muscle.

And volunteers Rosi and Amanda working away near the front entrance. Amanda is six months pregnant, and she showed up for our painting day anyway. What a woman.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, library volunteer Rachel kept poring through our many boxes of school library books, organizing, sorting, and de-stickering. Next we’ll be protecting our books for children’s use.

Here are Nathaniel and board member Daniel Burfiend moving furniture. A donor gave us these beautiful cherry bookshelves free, along with a set of eight matched bookshelves for the library, giant frames for reproductions of famous documents and paintings, and a display case.

Phew, that’s a lot of work! But that’s not all. Oh, no, that’s not all. Another set of men have been busy putting up a fence around our playground area. Here are Nathaniel and Randy setting fence posts. In another life Nathaniel was a professional fence-builder, so he knows the trade.

Finishing the fence and putting together the library are our next big jobs, then after that we will be developing the playground and painting murals of native Indiana plants and creatures on the classroom walls. We appreciate everyone’s help so much!

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