A big thank-you to all the folks who came out to our Friends of the School meeting last Tuesday! We wanted to share some of the information presented for everyone who wasn’t able to come. Here’s information from one of the handouts. Use it as a to-do list for this week, and feel free to enthusiastically share with friends.

I’m excited to help bring an uncommon school like this to Fort Wayne! I will:

  1. Send 10 of my friends an email or Facebook message letting them know RCS is coming to town and asking for their support, from volunteering to donations to enrolling their kids. Include a link to RCS’s website or Facebook page.
  2. Complete an “Intent to Enroll” form for my kids to help demonstrate local interest to donors and other partner organizations.
  3. Hang RCS posters in my workplace, local library, church, grocery store, and favorite shopping places (with permission, of course).
  4. Ask my pastor this Sunday if our church can host a parents and volunteers information meeting about the school.
  5. Ask my Rotary Club, political group, and other social groups (such as a Bible study, sports club, or play group) to listen to a 10-minute presentation about Redeemer Classical at their next meeting.
  6. Keep RCS flyers in your purse or briefcase to hand out to interested friends.
  7. Suggest any potential facilities for the first two to three years, such as a church whose building is underused during school hours or a former daycare location (which is more likely to be up to school code). We’re looking to be in the Southwest region of Fort Wayne.
  8. Connect us to people with skills they might donate such as accounting, legal, real estate, architecture, marketing, design, event and volunteer coordination, and construction.
  9. Look at my next year’s schedule and prayerfully consider prioritizing volunteer service to RCS, such as installation, upkeep, and maintenance; helping to establish and maintain the school playground and gardens; and volunteering in classrooms to read out loud with students or relieve teachers of administrative tasks like photocopying or data entry.
  10. Print some donor wish lists, and make a list of charitable folks I can talk to about Redeemer Classical and, if applicable, ask them to sponsor my kids or a fellow parent’s tuition.

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