We’re hosting two public events in January: A Friends of the School volunteer and giver’s meeting on January 17, and a January 28 TED-style talk during School Choice Week by Joy Pullmann titled “School Choice: Escape Hatch or Trojan Horse?” Joy will be giving a speech about her book at Hillsdale College on February 7, so come hear a brief, energetic preview of that talk in Fort Wayne. Her book is called “Education Invasion: How Common Core Fights Parents For Control Of American Kids,” from Encounter Books and out also on February 7.


Donald Trump’s administration can make Common Core worse or better. And what he — and our local and state representatives — do with education has big effects on our civic life and culture. What kids are taught directly affects how they will vote someday, which in turn affects all Americans. Progressive education spans big government. If you don’t care about big government, you should, because it cares about you.

But what can one person, or a few folks, do to fight their own tax dollars turned against them? It’s not hopeless. We do have options. But prudence requires wisdom to produce witty inventions. In other words, you can’t do the right thing if you don’t know anything. So come learn the truth and become a bit more free.

You can RSVP for our Friends of the School meeting on Facebook or Eventbrite, and here are the Facebook and Eventbrite RSVPs for the TED talk. Come celebrate School Choice Week and Epiphany with us!

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