Redeemer Classical School’s accreditation has officially been granted by the Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education. This makes Redeemer the only Indiana school to have earned this accreditation. We value it particularly because it marks us as a classical Lutheran school, which is distinct from all in the state and in Fort Wayne.

A classical education offers a clear contrast to what is available through most schools and homeschools. It is an education founded upon God’s truth, not relativism, and employs a high-quality curriculum and pedagogy developed through centuries of thought and experience. It aims to carefully develop all aspects of a human person within the Christian community instead of a narrow focus on individual material gain and interests (mere “college and career readiness”).

It aims at proven, repeated excellence, not minimum competency or a hodgepodge of approaches and materials. And it offers this high aim to all children, not only those labeled “gifted” or “advanced.” Every child deserves an excellent, Christian education, and we exist to provide precisely that.

This achievement tees us up to receive co-accreditation from National Lutheran School Accreditation, a state-approved accreditor that grants access to state school choice programs. (Because of the state’s heavy testing and curriculum mandates that undermine our mission and style of education, we will participate only in the tax-credit scholarship program, not vouchers.) Our headmaster has already initiated that process.

Accreditation not only marks our school as well-ordered along the lines of the increasing number of successful classical schools nationwide, it sets up Redeemer for continued improvement and expansion through teacher, school board, and administrator education and ongoing peer review. We learned a lot through the accreditation process and look forward to the continued school development it has accelerated for our students.

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