If you’d be interested in signing up your child or children for a summer day camp focused on classic games and handcrafts, fill out this interest form right now. We need at least 30 interested kids by the end of February to move forward with it. We’re almost there!

Here’s the scoop: The goal would be reviving nearly lost arts of self-organization, negotiation, and relationship development through play; developing our kids’ repertoire of quality activities to substitute for less-worthy habits and pursuits; and strengthening connections between Redeemer-minded children and families. Our email subscribers heard about it first, so if you want the earliest tipoff for Redeemer events like this, sign up for our free email list.

Just about everyone who pays attention is aware of the decline in children’s play, which has damaged American kids’ ability to manage their emotions and responsibilities, diminished their physical strength and dexterity, and atrophied their relationship skills. Anthony Esolen has written the definitive account of this trend, and you can find a lot more on the website for the Let Grow initiative.

So let’s do something about this! If you might be up for this, let us know by filling out our interest form, and send a link to this post to any friends who might want to join in!

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