This past spring semester, we hosted biweekly evening discussions based on lectures from Hillsdale College’s online Shakespeare course, paired with delicious wine selections from Wine Time. Thanks to the positive reaction, we’ll do it again this fall, based on the results of a recent survey. As before, the discussions will be free and open to all.

Survey takers selected “Introduction to C.S. Lewis” class as their first choice among the many potential classes, and said biweekly on Monday nights was by far the best timing. So that’s what we’ll do!

The first Drink ‘n Think in this C.S. Lewis series will be September 9, 2019, at 6:30 p.m. at the school. It will continue biweekly for nine total weeks, ending on December 30. Hillsdale lists the nine lectures as follows:

  1. Introduction / “Men Without Chests,” Larry P. Arnn (Sept. 9)
  2. Lewis’s Apologetics: Imagination and Reason, Part One,” Michael Ward (Sept. 23)
  3. Lewis’s Apologetics: Imagination and Reason, Part Two,” Michael Ward (Oct. 7)
  4. Lewis’s Fiction: Narnia and the Storied Moral World,” David M. Whalen (Oct. 21)
  5. Lewis’s Fiction: The Space Trilogy—A Cosmos of Old Wars and New Battles,” David M. Whalen (Nov. 4)
  6. Lewis’s Literary Criticism: The Value of Indirect Communication,” Michael Ward (Nov. 18)
  7. Lewis’s Literary Criticism: Medieval Cosmology,” Michael Ward (Dec. 2)
  8. “The Way,” Larry P. Arnn (Dec. 16)
  9. “The Abolition of Man,” Larry P. Arnn (Dec. 30)

Wine pairings and beer on tap will be available for $5/glass.

To receive email reminders and updates (only a few, don’t worry) about these grownup evenings out, and to make sure we supply enough adult beverages for those interested, please sign up using the form below, or at this link. If enough parents are interested, we can also arrange onsite childcare during the discussion, which usually concludes around 8 p.m. Just indicate that on the signup.

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